I let the water soaking my clothes, thumbing on my head,and slipping down through my hair. The water like washing my checks.

Now, I’m standing with the rain above me. Like when I was child. But,there are little difference. I stand alone,without you. I remember when we were running to chase each other. Until yesterday,you ran away from me without I know your reason. You let me alone. You success made a big pain in my soul. I remember all. I can’t forgetting anything that can’t be forgotten.

I want to throw my dreams about you, but it exceedingly nice. I want to sleep and forgetting all, but my eyes won’t to close.
You can call me blind,because I see you’re amazing. You can call me fool,because I let you enter my soul. You can call me crazy,because sometimes I hear you call from my bedroom wall.

Now, I realize that rain is very useful. Why ? Because no one can see you cry behind the rain. They can’t hear your. I do it now. Use the rain as a mask. My body is cold and wet. Who care ?

I wish I can spend my tears now. Just this day. Not for tomorrow. Not for another day.


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