I’m Silly Girl

You grasp my hand tightly.
“Thanks for today. I’ll never forget it. I promise.” I just smiling. Honestly, I don’t know what did you say. Uhm, I mean I’m sure there are different meaning of your sentence. And I don’t know what is it.
Now, I guess I know what your mean. You’ll say that you’ll go away, right ? But,you didn’t say it. Why ? Are you afraid if I sad ?
With the blue sky spreaded by the stars,you let me alone. SILLY BOY !! I’ll feel more pain if you go unexpectendly like this. Don’t you know it ?
Yeah,you’re smart because you can make me cry. But me ? I’m stupid to forgive you easily. I’m fool to remember you. I’m crazy because I still miss you. Really miss you.


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