Two Possibility

Hi, we meet again! Hmm.. I’ve something to tell you. Its about someone. I think this is not important for you, so you still can choose you want to continue your reading or not. I’d never ban you to stop here.

Its about someone who I know he keep his distance from me. It just my feeling, I think. But, if anyone in my position, she would feel like that. Actually I dunno why he do that, but I’ve two hypothesis to explain about him.

First, he illfeel with me. For this, I just guess. Cuz impossible to ask him about my self. I ever think like this because I know my attitude is not to good. I mean not to bad. Ehm, Its hard to explained. I always shout, I’m talkactive, I’m so far from beautiful word, I don’t have any achievement, of course I’m not faminin, and  so many other. Maybe how he see the other people is different. And maybe he dislike girl like me. Just maybe..

And, the second is He avoid something. I dunno what is that.  I’m a hundred percent sure about that. but,my friend usually tease us. so, its possible if he prevent something that can be more bad. I know that he’ll never feel pleasant with it. how can anyone will enjoy their dat if their friends always do that everytime? thats funny, >< So, the way to go from their teasing just keep our distance.

honestly, I think I also do that. Well.. Actually this is not big matter for me. In the fact, I fell disturbed with this relationship.why? cause I just think that I can’t have relationship between us like my relationship with my other friends. My feel is like .. Emm, I dunno. Basically we are like to pretend that we don’t know one another.  we’re never promise together. It just seen clearly from our attitude. Its not good feel,right?

so, what should I do?

Theres so many many mistake here,right? I’m so sorry, I just try to use English as well as I can. So….


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