Acronym Lingo


this is acronym in English.. I think there’re many people who don’t know the meaning in Indonesia. so I think much helpfull if I giving the translate also. but I don’t know many of them 😦 *sorry

AFAIK — as far as i know (sepengetahuanku)
AFK — away from keyboard (tidak sedang di depan komputer/sibuk)
AM — anterior morning
ASAP — as soon as possible (secepatnya)
ASL — age, sex, location (umur, jenis kelamin, tempat tinggal *pas perkenalan*)
ATK — at the keyboard
ATM — at the moment
A3 — anytime, anywhere, anyplace

B4 — before (sebelum)
BAK — back at keyboard (kembali Online)
BBL — be back later (nanti kembali lagi)
BBN — bye bye now (pergi dulu ah)
BBS — be back soon (nanti kembali secepatnya)
BBQ — barbeque
BCUZ — because (karena)
BEG — big evil grin (menyeringai)
BF or B/F — boyfriend (pacar laki-laki)
BIBO — beer in, beer out
BRB — be right back (nanti kembali lagi)
BTW — by the way (ngomong-ngomong)
BWL — bursting with laughter (tertawa terbahak-bahak)
BYOB — bring your own booze

CBB — can’t be bothered (tidak bisa diganggu)
CID — crying in disgrace (nangis bombay*??*)
CMIIW — correct me if I’m wrong (bilang kalau aku salah)
CNP — continued (in my) next post (bersambung di post berikutnya)
CP — chat post (a chat message)
CRBT — crying real big tears (benar-benar menangis)
CSG — chuckle snicker grin (tertawa menyeringai
CU — see you (sampai jumpa lagi)
CULBR — see you later (sampai jumpa lagi)
CYA — see you (see ya)

DUI — driving under influence
DWI — driving while influence

EG — evil grin (menyeringai)
EMSG — email message

FOC — free of charge
F/U — fuck you
FTBOMH    — from the bottom of my heart
FUBAR — fucked up beyong all recognition
FWIW — for what it’s worth (agar itu berharga)
FYI — for your information (agar kamu tau)

GAL — get a life (jangan hanya berkhayal)
GFN — gone for now (pergi dulu ya)
GG — good game
GJ — good job (kerja bagus)
GMBO — giggling my butt off (tertawa)
GMTA — great mind think alike (setuju)
GR8 — great (hebat)
GF or G/F — girl friend (pacar perempuan)
GTSY — glad to see you (senang bertemu denganmu)
GTG or G2G — gotta go / got to go (harus pergi)
GTFO — get the fuck out

H/O — hold on (bertahan)
H&K — hug and kiss (peluk cium)
HAGN — have a good night (selamat malam)
HF — have fun (selamat bersenang-senang)

IC — I see (aku tahu)
IDK — I dont know (aku tidak tahu)
IGP — I gotta pee
IIRC — if I recall correctly
IM — instant message (pesan instant)
IMHO — in my honest / in my humbleopinion (dalam kejujuranku)
IMO — in my opinion (dalam pendapatku)
IOW — in other words (dengan kata lain)
IRL — in real life (kehidupan nyata / jangan hanya bermimpi)
IWALU — I will always love you (aku akan selalu mencintaimu)

JK —  just kidding (bercanda)
JMO — just my opinion (hanya pendapat)

KA — kick ass
KIT — keep in touch

LHM — Lord help me
LMAO — laugh my ass off (tertawa)
LMFAO — laugh my fucking ass off (tertawa)
LOL — laughing out loud (tertawa)
LTNS — long time no see (lkama tak jumpa)
L8R — later (nanti)
LY — love ya

M8 — mate (sahabat)
MSG — message (pesan)
MYOB — mind your own bussiness (pikirkan urusanmu sendiri)

NIMBY — not in my back yard
NOYB — none of your bussiness (bukan urusanmu)
NP — no problem (tidak masalah)
NRN — no reply necessary (belum dibalas)
NSS — no shit sherlock
N/M or NVM — never mind (bukan masalah / jangan dipikirkan)

OIC — oh i see (oh aku melihat / oh aku tau)
OMG — oh my god (oh Tuhan)
OTOH — on the other hand (bagaimanapun)

P2P — peer to peer (sesama golongan)
PITA — pain in the ass
PM — private message / personal message (pesan pribadi)
PM — posterior morning
PMSL — pissing myself laughing (tertawa)
PMFJI — pardon me if jumping in (maaf jika berlebihan)
PTO — please turn over

QT — cute (imut)

ROFL — rolling on the floor laughing (tertawa)
ROFLMFAO — rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off (tertawa)
RTFM — read the fucking manual!

SETE — smiling ear to ear
SK8 — skate (berseluncur)
SOS — same old shit
SOT — short of time (cepat sekali)
STFU — shut the fuck up
SUMI — some one (seseorang)
SYS — see you soon (sampai bertemu lagi)

TA — thanks again
TBH — to be honest (sejujurnya)
TBQGH — to be quite fucking honest
TBC — to be continue (bersambung)
TCOY — take care of yourself (jaga dirimu)
THX — thanks (terima kasih)
TNT — till next time

U — you (kamu)
U2 — you too
UBBER — super, ultra

W8 — wait (tunggu)
WB — wellcome back (selamat datang kembali)
WD — well done (berakhir dengan baik)
W/E — what ever (terserah)
W/O — without (tanpa)
W/ — with (dengan)
WRU — where are you (dimana kamu)
WTF — what the fuck!
WTG — way to go!!!!
WTH — what the hell!

YW — you’re wellcome (sama-sama)

If anyone know more, then share it, I’ll.. update the list..
that’s all I can manage for now. CMIIW!! I GTG. CYA!!


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