Unreal… Just In My Dream

When I’ll lay my head on your chest,you dissappears. My eyes become wet. My tears running down my face easily. Cold sweat falls perfectly on my forehead. At last, I wake up from my dream. Morning always like this, my love.

How many again I must tell you don’t disturb my night ? It hurt to dream of thing that I hate to even remember. But,you come. Invite me to play with you. We’ll spend time together, right my love ?

Just useless I try to throw you out. Your image getting stronger to hold my mind. Do you know, I hate you. Like I hate the morning. Although it’s beautiful memories of you. And also hurt. Because I will wake up and I know you never hold my hand again. I can’t hear your voice that I really missed anymore.

I always lost my wishes when I open my eyes. I wouldn’t want to sleep if I must wake up in the morning.

I want to go away from this. I’m tired with all of your image that always unreal for me. Please,stop make my pillow become wet because of my tears. Stop attend my dream if I must wake up.

If I could run to chase you
If you’ll grasp my hand again
If you smiling for me
If I could see you again just once more
If I could do it,
I wouldn’t want to wake up from my dream.

I want to live together with you. Although just in my dream. Because you just live in my dream,not in my life. I want sleep forever like this, when you still beside me. I wouldn’t want to wake up if I could fall asleep.


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